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Most of my artwork these days fall into one of three categories:
1) Kid Icarus
2) Fire Emblem
3) (and most importantly) Death's Sweet Strike

You will, however, also see works based on Kingdom Hearts, The Legend of Zelda, and some other random stuff. You've been warned!

Random Favourites

deviation in storage by ladyjenise
My favourites are a bit more varied than my gallery, but still generally has the same basis.


Power of Flight by MicoNutziri

Okay... here goes my first critique. Your attention to detail is gorgeous, and I really like the effect of the power of flight. I do wi...



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Yeah, I feel like I should randomly put up a donation pool. The points will do toward Brawlingwolf obtaining zee mug, because zee mug rules all and all should obtain zee mug.

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Well, everybody else does it, so I might as well too! FromNovember 28th through December 1st, I'll be having a sale on commissions with 50% off for traditional pieces and 40% for digital stuff. Please see the other journal below for more information and send me a note if you have a commission for me.
If you can show me some proof of advertising my commission prices/sale, I'll give you an extra 5% off in thanks. 

Depending on how many takers I have, it may take me quite some time to get everything finished and I'll try to get things out on a first come, first serve basis. Digital works take me quite a bit of time depending on the style, so be wary of that. But I'll do my best to finish it all in a timely manner!

You can find my list of prices here:
  Commissions (Revised Nov. 21st, 2014)While I would PREFER actual payment, I will also accept point commissions for the time being. However, it'll technically be cheaper if you take the original price route.
So, for pricing, we're looking at something like this (and examples) :
Pencil Sketches (includes chibis, no background): $2/180 points. Additional characters: No charge.

Pencil Sketches (Shaded, simple background): $4/340 points. Additional characters: No charge.

Pencil Sketches (shaded, complex background): $5/420 points. Additional characters: Free up to three characters. For each one added, add $0.50/40 points.

Colored (Shaded, Simple Background): $6/500 points. Additional characters: Free up to two characters. For each one added, add $1/80 points.

Colored (Shaded, Complex Background): $8/660 points. Additional characters: $1/80 points each.

NEW Colored Character Bust: $5. Additional characters:

ALSO NOTE: This sale does not apply to fanfiction commissions. My apologies in advance for any inconvenience. 
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United States
Let's see... where to start. Little facts about me...

100 Themes Challenge
Commission Info

My account:…
My dA fanfiction account: BW-Writings
My cosplay account: VeneficusMagister

Fair warning: For whatever reason I tend to ship the crossover/crack pairing Lucit, or Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening and Pit from Kid Icarus

Most used online name(s): Brawlingwolf, VeneficusMagister
Favorite game(s): The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time), Fire Emblem (Shin Monshou no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eyu)
Favorite books: Warriors, Animorphs, The Hunger Games, Maximum Ride
Favorite Manga: OHSHC
Fangirl of: Marth, Kagamine Len, Link, Pit, Kuro, Riku, Ventus, Jack Frost
Best character in SSB WiiU/3DS: Dark Pit
Best character in Brawl: Pit (2nd best, Marth or Link)
Best character in Melee: Marth (or Roy)
Best character in original SSB: Kirby
Favorite animated series: Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra
Most drawn character: Pit
Most Drawn OC: Selen
Most enjoyable character to draw: Selen
Favorite subject: Science, Art
Least favorite subject: Health
Favorite fictional creature: Dragon or Pegasus
Favorite real animal: Wolf
Favorite Fire Emblem class: Mage
Favorite Laguz Race: Herons
Favorite Fire Emblem Baddie: Lyon
Least Favorite Fire Emblem Baddie: Excellus
Favorite Zelda weapons: Master Sword, Bow, Din's Fire
Least Favorite Zelda weapons: Deku Sticks
Favorite Zelda companion: Midna, Elzo
Favorite Zelda Baddie: Ghirahim
Least Favorite Zelda Baddie: Bellum (PH)
Favorite Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast
OTP: VentusXAqua
My crack pairing for reasons I don't understand: PitXLucina (Lucit)
Supporter of: MARTHXSHEEDA, ZeLink, IkeXElincia, EliwoodXNinian, RhysXTitania, RoyXLilina, RokuShi, (Young) LinkXSaria, MerricXElice, JoshuaXNatasha, EirikaXSeth, NavarreXMinerva, Zutara, TohruXYuki, TobiasXRachel, JakeXCassie, TamaHaru, MaKorra, LucinaXInigo, ChromXFem!Robin, SullyXStahl, SoKai, HenryXOlivia, Hook/KillianXEmma

What I draw:
-A LOT of fanart. Whew.
-Pairings that I either support or don't have a major problem with.
-Some violence
-Some "adult" themes, but never usually showing anything.
-Concepts for my original story
-Concepts for others' stories (if needed and if I'm in the mood to- unless it's commissioned)

What I DON'T Draw:
-Explicit nudity
-I will not "humanize" an animal-based creature or vice versa (with a few minor exceptions)

I prefer Mages, Fliers, and Myrmidons.

Engaged to: :iconexplodingiggy:

My buddies in real life, outside the mayhem of my stories =) :
:iconmisfit-mistress: :icondemon-runner: :iconblacklily22: :iconhobbsrocks: :iconlucia-da-mcr-emo-kid: :icontsukikimono: :iconariaera: :iconnekoroxelchan: :iconananimemask: :iconimadislexic: :iconteam-kataang: :iconnscosplay: :iconedenfire:

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brawlingwolf Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, yes you did. 
OnionRingz64 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
"The Burst/Metal Eater Demoknight class is the perfect touch, because that shit is true as fuck with those on point short hop combos."

I'm glad someone noticed that. lol
Torheit-die-Katze Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Student Filmographer
Thanks a lot for the fav :la:
Khymichi Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Professional General Artist
terraformir Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yo is it okay if I ask you something fire emblem related? I really love the games but there's a few things I'm not following
brawlingwolf Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can. 
terraformir Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Alright cool, thanks so much, I hope it's not a bother

So if dragons were pretty much wiped out (by the Scouring on Elibe, everything that went down in Akaneia, etc,) then why are Wyvern Riders so common? Because aren't they supposed to be gone.. like... gone. Even in the Blazing Sword games set just after the dragons were pretty much wiped out from the region save a few, there's Wyvern Riders like everywhere.

Also, who even is Nowi? Is she a divine dragon or from some other tribe at all? If dragons are supposed to be gone and stuff, and people know she's running around doing tricks as a dragon, wouldn't that be kind of important? Also probably a dumb question but just for clarification, are the dragons in the dragon tribe Manakete? Like they were just dragons at first and then they sealed their power in stone and just became Manakete right... Like Manakete are people who turn into dragons using stones. Or were they always called Manakete, as well as being called dragons?

How did Emm, Aversa, etc become recruitable? Like sure, weird time travel stuff is a go, but Lucina only took the future children with her when she came through the portal. And they died. I think I missed something but I'm not sure. On the topic of Lucina, why does her Falchion glow? And if hers glows, why doesn't Chrom's Falchion do the same, because they're technically the same sword?

It's stated that Validar has the blood of Grima and Grima would be able to use him as a vessel if he wasn't lacking the "Heart of Grima," but what is the Heart of Grima supposed to be? Why does Grima need a vessel in the first place if he was going to reawaken anyways through use of the Fire Emblem? Why is there only one Grima, even though the Grima from the doomed timeline followed Lucina; shouldn't there be that Grima and then the Grima from the current timeline? Also, if Naga and Tiki are from the Divine Dragon tribe, is it possible that the Fell Dragons were another tribe? If Fae is a Divine Dragon, pureblooded, just like Tiki, then why doesn't Tiki have those cool wings like she does

Uhhh I hope that isn't too much, Fire Emblem is pretty confusing idk
Finally, which games should I play, like which are relevant among history and plot discussion? Is the Jugdral game one worth playing?
brawlingwolf Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Let's see if I can do this quickly but informatively.

Wyverns depend on the game- [Shin] Monshou no Nazo shows that there actually are still a lot of dragons in Akaneia, but most of them have turned feral. Other times, Wyverns are basically what's left of the dragon tribes, and still others, they're just separate beasts entirely.
I really wish I knew what was up with Nowi. She really can't be a Divine Dragon, or at least not from Akaneia or Valentia/Barensia [Valm], as it's stated that Tiki is the last of the Divine Dragons. So chances are she and Nah are another type, probably Ice, and the programmers just got lazy and didn't feel like differentiating between them. Also, yes, generally the dragon tribes and Manaketes are one in the same. As for whether Tiki is supposed to have wings or not, she actually did in some original artwork for Monshou no Nazo way back when. I'm guessing they just kind of dropped them in the redesign, and Fae is different simply because she's supposedly not from the same world. 
Most of the Spotpass characters like Emm and Aversa just didn't actually die, thus end up appearing again in their respective chapters. The only one who actually did is Yen'fay, and his recruitable version came from the same future as Lucina. It's theorized that Lucina's Falchion glows when something happens that changes the future, like when Chrom wasn't actually injured in the assassination attempt and Emmeryn's death was averted. 
I'm not entirely sure what the "Heart of Grima" entirely means, but I assume it refers to whomever has somehow gained the power necessary to be his vessel. Validar says that the Fire Emblem can awaken him, but a mortal vessel is needed as well. The future Grima basically became that vessel AGAIN. It's also implied from the Knights of Iris book released in Japan that Grima is related to Medeus somehow, the Shadow Dragon that was formerly the prince of the Earth Dragon tribe. 

As for the Jugdral games, I haven't personally played them, but I want to at some point. Seisen no Keifu is basically the Game of Thrones of Fire Emblem and was the first game with a two-generation system, though apparently Thracia 776 is a little more linear and easy to understand. Except for remembering who to save and how to keep them from becoming the Deadlords. 

I think that covered everything. Let me know if you have any other questions. 
OnionRingz64 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Fire Emblem Awakening & Knuckles by OnionRingz64
Sorry not sorry
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